I had a dream about slugs invading Bristol and decided to make an animation out of it, but it's a big project and I'm lazy... It all started when an archeologist found an ancient slug related artifact of some sort or another in my front room, he wanted to look for more and sent in small plastic remote control diggers to dig a trench in my carpet. At night slugs started pouring out of the trench, and shrouded the city in terror. There was nothing but blind panic and screaming as the slugs chased the petrified masses and drank deep in their victims lifeblood. All seemed to be lost until an old scientist type dude had an idea. He devised a giant high tech beer trap, that would lure the slugs and then squish them. The plan worked but as the people were rejoicing the trap exploded, the smoke clearing to reveal a giant slavering slug, hungry for blood and revenge. The city was doomed.

The scenes that I've started are in "Slugs and stuff", as well as some random crap including a robot, because robots rock.