The stuff on here is kind of depressing i
wrote it while i was going through
A difficult time about 2 years ago
I lay in a field of self loathing,
Peering into a mirror of discontent
Time cannot mend the pain i feel inside,
It consumes me from everywhere,In and out my mind
It crawls out into my veins
It gives me the high i need to sustain
Now i feel nothingness
A void of things yet to come
My heart is empty, it's forgotten how to love
My eyes have grown weak ,shallow in the light
I'm in a constant struggle,I've forgotten how to fight
I'm worthless now Left to die out on my own
Everyone i know has brought me here
My memories and thoughts have begun to sear
Once filled with fear, pain and hate
I release myself from this awfully state
The warmth of the flowing blood relaxes me to sleep
The pain, hurt and anguish i will no longer keep