These are all my friends and my tutors who are in Animate +.

Spikes even though i havent seen you much but when i do you make me laugh i will miss you loads.

Gavin i hate you some times and others you are nice i'll miss your hugs to.

Ricky (shorty) miss you loads to.

Becky you the most energectic person i have ever met miss you making me laugh.

Simon i think your a great teacher and your funny hats make me laugh the most miss you loads.

And thanks to Liz for helping us out with every thing you do even if i dont know what you really do miss you to.

All i want to say is i'll miss every one here and i'm glad i started all of this, Thank you Noel you know who you

are i'm thankfull for all the help you have given me in the past.

And to Matt even though you havent been with us for long thank you for all your support.

Spikes Gavin
Ricky Becky
Simon Liz