How Our Game Was Made My Part!


The Pop Stars.

What We Did,

First We had to decide what kind of game we where going

to do so we thought and thought and we all despise pop stars.

Then we had to decide what kind of pop stars we where going

to use and which ones where known so we thought and thought

and we came up with Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Lee

from Blue and Matt from Busted.

So then we went out side and took some pictures of us runing

then we put it on the computer and drew round our bodys, cut

our bodys out of the picture and then went on the internet and

found pictures of our pop stars and put them with the bodys.


How They Die,

After doing all that we had to see how they were going to die so

we thought of a gun and how it would affect them and we made

buttons and did the testing to make sure the blood looks a little

real and what noises they will make so the girl would sream

when they get shot so now here you can see what britney and

christina turn out like these are the ones i made any how.

The Boss At The End Of The Level,

Now we had to think of a boss at the end level so i decided i

would do it and i thought of using Gareth Gates and godzillas

body and then i thought about how it was going to move so i

thought he could bounce all over the screen, then i had to think

about what else i could do so i thought about putting bolders in

so he could make them go down the screen, here is a little piece

that i have done.